Welcome to another packed edition of Your EDM‘s patented Tech Selections series! This week, we grab up some good, old fashioned Deep House before heading into some smooth, sexy Tech House from 1605 and Suara before heading into the dark and brooding with a massive new ‘Rave’ cut by Chicago House buff, Sidney Charles. Read on below to check out our top picks for this week!



1. Magic In Threes- Beatin’ The Breaks (Fouk Remix) [Razor-N-Tape]

Earnestly based in Nashville, Tennessee, the always cool, never flustered talents of Magic In Threes have been bringing their special blend of Southern Lounge into the Deep House scene, and while most Deep House nowadays has its own, unique sound, these singles are focuses more on the loungey, Housier aspects of the genre. Filled with ample amounts of Soul, Jazz and Funk within a tight, Deep House groove, this remix by Fouk is definitely one that can instantly set the mood for any relaxed get together. For extra flair points, this class release is only available on Vinyl for that fresh and authentic experience.




2. Superskank- Good Time (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) [1605]

While his current sound is leaning towards the deeper end of the Tech House spectrum, many fans will still remember Olivier Giacomotto‘s massive Tech House days, and his funky, simplistic sound always brought a fever and a flavor to an otherwise simplistic beat. In his remix to Superskank‘s Good Time, he takes advantage of the System Of A Down lyrics, “dancing in the desert, blowing up the sunshine”, as he leads us with an infectious bassline and tight percussion as a lone Tribal synth keeps things nice and fresh in the jacking department. Still a favorite of mine after all these years.




3. Coyu & Ramirez Lopez- Y.E.A.H. (Mark Knight Remix) [Suara]

When the big cats over at Suara, Coyu and Ramirez Lopez teamed up to formulate the MASSIVE Y.E.A.H., it completely overtook the Tech House scene by storm, and it quickly became a necessary staple for the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2013 and Miami Music Week in 2014 with its heavy Tribal elements and brutal, Techno infused basslines. Fast forward one year later to find themselves opening up the iconic track to head Toolroom Records honcho, Mark Knight, on remix duties to this monumental single, and he does not disappoint. Keeping the Techno edge to the piece, he instead swaps the Tribal element for some cool, iced synths that are most reminiscent of the older Toolroom sound, and this mixture of Pro and Techno crushes in a big, big way. Huge rework here.

Beatport: OUT MONDAY



4. Darius Syrossian- Su Casa (Sante & Sidney Charles 4AM Rave Mix) [Avotre]

Mark this off the list as one of the most unusual sounding remixes that I have ever heard, as Chicago House artist Sidney Charles has teamed up with Sante on a ripping ‘4AM Rave‘ edit of Darius Syrossian‘s Su Casa, and the results are as unexpected as they are gigantic. Instead of using Charles‘ usual jacking basslines, they instead opt for a deep and dank bassline that rattles in the brain, especially when they cut out all other elements to showcase the unusual nature of the rocking instrument. However, the other musical segments remain the same with snappy percussions and banging, old school synth stabs, and the mixture culminates into a sleek, yet old fashioned cut that stays groovy until the end.




5. Peter Bailey- Jack 2 House (Original Mix) [Transmit Recordings]

While the term, ‘jacking’, usually refers to a certain Chicago House style that focuses on crunchy basslines and a more minimal approach to orchestration, fellow Techno resident Peter Bailey has taken a different approach to the term, as his single of Jack 2 House ditches all semblances to House and focuses on a dark and more tumultuous feeling that connects deeply within the Techno side of things. With an evil, manic glint in his eye, this single dominates with a flurry of dark, industrial sounds while keeping the true feel of ‘jack’ alive through its bumping basskicks and lustrious hi-hat work.




6. Techrover- Inside The Machine (D-Formation Remix) [Ausara Recordings]

As we head towards the tail end of this week’s Tech Selections segment, I thought it would be best to leave it on a more intelligent note with this futuristic remix by D-Formation to Techrover‘s Inside The Machine, as this is the type of sound that I truly love the most as an artist. While still deeply marred in the sunken troughs of Techno, the entire sound design is also smartly infused within the mystical Prog sound, and this blend of styles gives Inside The Machine a nice edge that is at ferocious as its clever. Definitely check this tune out for some next level sound design.




Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Your EDM‘s Tech Selections! Tune in next week to check out the latest and greatest in Tech House, Techno and Underground to kick off your Saturday night right.


Keep the music alive. -Q


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