We’ve had an incredible three month quarter of Fresh Face Friday. Touching on numerous genres within the dance music umbrella, as a collective, we’ve heard from many raw and undeniably talented artists within this outlet for the next generation of producers/ musicians. Now with that being said, this round, the Quarterly round, is where our victor is determined. These three aliases featured below have competed tirelessly for three whole months and this week is where one will rise above.

What does the winner receive? Well like our last Quarterly winner, Tonicity, he or she will be featured on Your EDM with a complete one on one interview and able to debut a new track or mix to accompany it.

Let us move onwards to this bass heavy quarterly round of Fresh Face Friday!

Rzgold – Champagne Papi

Rzgold is a duo from LA consisting of Andrew, the rap nerd son of a legendary Bay Area rave DJ, and Taylor, the half Korean soccer chick who’s been an all star freak dancer since 7th grade youth club nights. Though they both grew up in the Bay during Hyphy’s peak, it wasn’t till needing a distraction from their mindless 9-5 job in LA that they met and started making music. Bonded by a love for Weezy, Bay slaps, and turning up at Team Supreme and Athletixx events, the mixture of club and hip hop influences came naturally to their productions. One side sexy, one side sweaty twerking in the club till 4am, rzgold is bringing Bay Area trunk rattling to the LA beat scene. 

<3 rzgold

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Kultur – Close To You (aThousand Kings Remix)

As an Electronic/House/Dubstep artist fast rising in the Central Okanagan, aThousandKings has quickly built a solid reputation through not only representing himself as an experienced audio engineering professional but from the momentum he’s generated playing various clubs/events year round including large festivals such as; Kelowna’s “Center of Gravity” and Calgary’s “Badlands Music Festival”(see attached graphics). aThousanKings is a smart minded, honest, goal orientated Producer/DJ whose passion and dedication for music is obvious as he consistently shows a strong well-rounded knowledge and firmly believes in the core values of music and the energies it can create, letting his productions and stage presence speak for themselves.

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!QUIET! – Demon

!QUIET! is influenced by Electronic & Hip-Hop music. From Upstate New York, !QUIET! is blurring the lines between the two styles & promises to deliver nothing conventional. Combined with modern sounds of EDM and a dedicated vocalist – well thought out lyrics are to be expected.

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Thank you for your participation, it keeps this segment alive. Take a minute to vote for your favorite and put yourself in the running to win a Your EDM shirt! See you next week for the new round.

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