While the bigger names of true Progressive, (such as Vintage & Morelli, Jaytech and Blood Groove & Kikis), continue to dominate the scene in their own perspective fields, we mustn’t forget our younger generation of producers that do their best in order to deliver the purest experience possible with their own brand of clear lined Progressive melodies. Some of these shining heroes that keep the spirit of Progressive alive include fast rising artists such as Bee Hunter, Alex H, Markus Hakala, Sunny Terrace, Sunlight Project, Zuubi and more, and many of these artists that make up the ‘new guard‘ are actually located here in the United States, which is quite unusual for an Electronic Music genre since most artists usually originate overseas. This week on our long standing Sunrise Sessions series, we take a look at two fantastic musicians from Quebec, Canada that have been more of an underground act within Progressive House, but that does not mean that their masterful abilities should not be ignored. Alexandre Venisse and Brandon Doucet make up the oft heard duo of Blue Harvest, and their smooth, sublime sound has been an inspiration to those who know that success comes with hard work and ceaseless determination. While their budding career is still within the beginning stages, these two have already released a number of singles on some seriously top-edged labels such as PHW, (Progressive House Worldwide), Macarize and Alter Ego, and with each new single they push out, their sound continues to develop into a more consistent, creative flow.



1. Blue Harvest- Andante (Original Mix)

With their last singles of Aquascope and Xakary receiving support from star studded artists such as LTN and tyDi, (respectively), the Canadian duo now mark their long awaited debut on the legendary Canadian Progressive label, Elliptical Sun Melodies, with their brand new single of Andante, which promises to continue their vein of success with a newer, more expressive sound than ever before. While the name of the track is meant to describe a tempo of around 76-108BPM within a Classical setting, Blue Harvest has decided to emulate the track after the literal definition of the term; (at a walking pace); as the piece follows suit with a leisurely, relaxed spirit/gusto. As stated before, however, this piece is a continuation of their previous successes and evolution of their brilliant, steamlined sound, as Andante takes on a more aggressive, more Trance-like role  throughout the main melody and expansive selection of instrumental timbres. To be fair, these two are traversing a very fine line between the expansion of their overarching sound and keeping it within the confines of a Trance-influenced Progressive feel, but these two have managed to find the sweet spot to unveil the best of both styles underneath a blend of fantastic colors and timbres. With an almost ‘festival‘ kind of feel to it, Andante still manages to keep a beautifully fresh and carefree melody underneath a classic Prog harmonic chordal structure, and the careful fine tuning of certain tones throughout the lifespan of the piece is enough to make any listener slowly close their eyes in an overwhelming wave of ecstasy and bliss.



2. Blue Harvest- Andante (Michael Berklin Remix)

While we normally decide on one track to be reviewed on our Sunrise Sessions series, (meaning less work for myself (: ), I just couldn’t turn away from this fantastic rendition by Cyprus established musician, Michael Berklin, as his luxurious Deep House sound completely brought out another side to Andante that I didn’t even think was mentally possible. In the early days of his career, he was supported early on by Progressive Trance guru Max Graham on his Cycles radio show with his single of Hours and has gained advancing support with his productions by labels such as Vacate Music, Encanta, Portrait Digital and PHW. Originally, Berklin began his stint on ESM with the release of his debut single of Silentio on February of last year and while that course showcased his impressive Progressive talents, his return to the label now reveals a deeper, more seductive side to his sound with his oplulent remix of Andante. Although we hear a few smatterings of Progressive within his arrangements, this interpretation is well sunk within the confines of Deep House, as an electrically charged percussion section is counterclaimed by a gorgeously rich and creamy bassline supplemented by placid pad work. There’s definitely an undeniable groove that exists within this track, but instead of straying too far out into the confines of Future House, it still manages to keep the integrity and delicate feel of Deep House under its wings, and its perfect balance between consistent rhythmic prowess and its searching, ever-longing state of character reminds us of other class Deep House acts that are hitting it big at the moment such as Jelly For The Babies, Kiwamu and Martin Roth.



Both the Michael Berklin and Blue Harvest renditions of Andante will be out tomorrow on Elliptical Sun Melodies via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q 


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