With a thrilling debut within Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT World Tour over at Utrecht this year, the future of Liquid Soul looks brighter than ever as his multilateral brand of exploratory Psy Trance continues to run rampant both within the communities of Trance and Psy. But even before his success on the WAO138?! stage, Liquid Soul was already a highly established and highly respected Psy producer from Switzerland, and his illuminating singles such as Devotion, P.L.U.R. and Adrenaline have not only opened up listeners’ minds, but has also wrecked havoc on dance floors around the world. After the massive success of his Perfecto Fluoro single of Have You Ever, (which was heavily supported by Trance giants Jordan Suckley, Simon Patterson, Ben Nicky, Indecent NoiseJorn van Deynhoven and more), he now marks a return to the label with an unusual guest to reveal a new collaboration project entitled The Future, which is to feature two different mixes from each of the two. To quickly switch gears, we now discover that the great Talla 2XLC is the second artist to be featured in this quirky, yet satisfying release, as he has developed a new Psy alias underneath his mysterious Zyrus 7 guise earlier last year. Talla is most noted as being one of the longest standing Trance producers to currently exist and produce with an extensive discography that spans almost two decades with notable names such as Alex M.O.R.P.H., Sean Tyas, Scot Project, The Thrillseekers, Supresa and more, (including a recent vocal collaboration with RAM on Till The End with Kim Kiona on In Trance We Trust). While we normally would choose out of the two mixes, the quality craftsmanship is just too detailed and refined to choose just one. Therefore, both mixes shall be reviewed below with their differences, similarities and what makes them truly unique.



1. Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7- The Future (Liquid Soul Mix)

To kick things off, we head deep within the Psy hole with Liquid Soul‘s mix of The Future, which promises to be one hell of a ride throughout the very fabric of spiritual existence itself, (especially with a track name such as this). As noted before, Liquid Soul is a Psy producer first before anything else, so his interpretation features the usual patented Psy basslines that interestingly contain a certain refinement and clarity that is quite rare in today’s Psy scene. With a rising and falling motion guiding the basslines to their intended target, he slowly adds in certain elements of percussive elements before adding in some class Progressive sounds and emerging pads to add suspense and variation to the otherwise static bassline. His atmosphere throughout this track is one of caution and suspicion within the main melodic interludes as the entire layout of the track’s organized orchestration further cements the existing voices together within the addition of supplementary accompanying synths before sending us home with the return of his brutal Psy basslines. While many Psy Trance releases take a focus at the main basslines, this one is more focused on the melodic side of production, as Liquid Soul discloses a fantastic arrangement of snaking, slithering synths that gently intertwine through each other in order to provide an unusually organic feel that consistently changes shape throughout its varied and devilish design. Finally, the beautiful mixture of timbres, (alongside the well done layout of timbres), allows us to locate and establish a pure Progressive character that only exists within Liquid Soul‘s caliber of production, and his monstrous talent of hypnotizing us into a trance through sound alone is enough to fully win support over at Your EDM.



2. Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7- The Future (Talla 2XLC Mix)

I’ll be frankly honest; I was almost blindsided when I saw these two artists work together, as it is rarer than rare to see a purely Trance oriented artist work with a Psy Trance artist. I can only count a handful of producers that have done so in recent times, (Simon Patterson and Bryan Kearney being two of them), and the mixture of styles isn’t something that many artists are privy to assemble without sacrificing their sound to match the exact specifications that construct Psy Trance as a genre. However, Talla 2XLC has become a master of production throughout his nearly 20 years of DJing and producing, and has enough experience in order to dive into any genre and be able to command it within a relatively short amount of time. He began his Zyrus 7 guise in the middle of last year and from the sounds of things, he is still working on developing that alias’ brand and sound through mixes and unfinished projects. For The Future, however, he opts to craft this single underneath his original Talla 2XLC guise as he presents us with a classically tinged Trance interpretation that is leagues away from the style that Liquid Soul produced. Even though it may have the same melodies and the same, connective musical skeleton, the differences are starkly obvious through the specific choices of timbral selections and the overarching tone of the piece, and this rendition is more towards a classic Tech Trance track that is both old and new through its classically worn feel and fierce, cutting edge drive that’s present during the track’s exhilarating lifespan. During the second drop, Talla unleashes insanity with a thunderously commanding bassline that’s both simplistic and with authority, and the resulting blend of various melodic lines slowly coalesce together towards a smashing finish that stays fiery, yet controlled until the very end.



Liquid Soul & Talla 2XLC pres. Zyrus 7‘s unexpected collaboration of The Future is out now on Paul Oakenfold‘s Perfecto Fluoro label via Beatport, so make sure you purchase both items and support real Trance!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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