While balancing life between a full time university student and a part time Trance producer, rising artist Amir Hussain manages to find the balance between the two in order to kick start his career as a fantastically talented Uplifting producer. He is definitely no stranger to the scene, as his wondrous tracks have been with us since the better part of 2007; but his skills as both a producer and as an artist have definitely jumped dramatically within the past few years. He appears to be an artist that strikes hard and fast, then silently sinks back in the shadows as he prepares for his next explosive single; but this mantra of ‘quality not quantity‘ is exactly what defines an artist apart from their contemporaries, and his potential for greatness is very high with the current route he is heading. Throughout the past year, he has worked with other budding artists such as Allen Watts on Step Into My World and has remixed for huge Trance producers such as John Askew, Allen & Envy and more. On the singles side, he is constantly working on crafting each track to near perfection, and the recent releases of Presence Of Mind and Riffa is a testament to that statement. To follow up on his massive, Egyptian themed Tech Trance single, Eye Of Ra, Amir now turns towards a brand new Uplifting piece that can be considered as one of his finest works on the legendary In Trance We Trust label. His newest project entitled To The Lost promises to be a beautifully crafted portrait that brilliantly showcases the beauty of his multilateral musical mind.

Amir noted on his Facebook account that this track was, “my personal favorite track during the entire time I’ve been releasing music, (to date).” This is because To The Lost was inspired by the passing of his grandfather as a sort of eulogy to those that have been lost to this world. While this reasoning puts a somber tone over the entire track, it also is one of those rare occurrences where death can create wondrous ideas that breathe new life into one’s creative fields. The loss of a love one certainly has a powerful connection with one’s inner emotions, and from that can come some of the greatest music within that person’s musical abilities. A perfect example of this phenomenon was RAM when he lost his wife, Amelia, and decided to tap into that boundless energy to create RAMelia, which was widely considered to be one of the top Uplifting tracks of 2014. Upon first listen to this track, we can definitely sense a huge spike in terms of quality and craftsmanship, but there is something much more than aesthetic details that really draws the listener in. It’s the sense of human compassion that resides within these courageous melodies and sweeping harmonies, the energetic rush of full fledged synths blinding through a whirlwind of sonorous colors and the pervasive aura of memories and thoughts culminated together into the connective forces of Trance. Personally, I think the Trance captures the most out of what really matters in music, which is the conduit in which to discover the human condition, and Amir Hussain has done exactly that. By releasing this single, he is putting his sadness and vulnerability into something positive; something that can be used to celebrate life and remind us of how lucky we really are to be able to experience this kind of magic that is Trance.

Amir Hussain‘s heartfelt single of To The Lost is out now on In Trance We Trust via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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