Following up from a ferocious end to 2014, Finland’s own Tempo Giusto is set to make 2015 his year with his increasingly prevalent brand of skull-cracking Tech Trance. Following through from a very successful debut album entitled From The Core, he has been keeping relevant within today’s fast paced Trance scene with blind siding singles such as MOCKBA, Architekt, Game Changer and Propulsion. We first caught up with him as he released his belter single of Cartel off of his own imprint, Echelon Records, and also made a point to cover his fascinating remix to Adele‘s Skyfall, (for some melodic variety). However, he has been recently making gigantic steps in the right direction in his career with the storming Benzin off of Lange Recordings, (which was supported by Simon Patterson, Protoculture, Sam Jones, The Thrillseekers and more), and his slamming remix to Mark Sherry‘s classic Outburst single of Vengeance, (which was originally released back in 2005). In fact, his last remix of Vengeance had everyone, (including us), buzzing from excitement, as the raw energy and messy, chaotic layout caused absolute mayhem on the dance floors. With the resurgence of Tech Trance coming full circle with esteemed labels such as Indecent Noise‘s Mental Asylum Records, Jordan Suckley‘s Damaged Recordings and Mark Sherry‘s Outburst Records, it seems that he is kicking things into overdrive as his productions have been ramped up in terms of effective readiness and quality. Only a month after his stellar rework of Vengeance, Tempo seeks for blood with the brand new release of his incredibly bombastic single aptly entitled Blast Radius.



1. Tempo Giusto- Blast Radius (Original Mix)

Blast Radius brings us back to familiar territory as we are further enveloped in what Tempo Giusto does best: crafting no nonsense, no frills Tech Trance to pack some edge back into the tamer styles that Trance has slowly fallen into. Many of his original productions contain a truly unique sound that is not represented or rehashed by anyone else in the world, and it’s this originality that has enraptured us to stay hooked to his rough, gritty sound. Supported by the likes of Sean Tyas, Ben Gold, Protoculture and Mark Sherry, Blast Radius stays true to its word as this single drops like a bomb when heard live. In fact the resulting shockwave that exists within each phrase of its lifespan can easily be felt from up close as well as in the back of the room, and its crushing impact upon release is enough to really melt some faces off. He kicks things off with some wicked, liquified bassline work as the resulting basslines, stoic percussions and slamming snare hits all come with a burly attitude to show that its not one to mess with. With the onslaught of Tech synth stabs, random sirens and heat induced steam for white noise effect, the entire arrangement is definitely one to chew down on to figure out all the neat intricacies. Within the middle of the track, we start to see a delicate side of Tempo as fluttering melodies start to culminate amidst a rapidly engrossing harmonic structure. However, this track is anything but delicate, as the resulting drop slams us through the walls with bellowing power and unrelenting Tech synths as the chopping of clipping snares and screaming synths create absolute chaos amongst the warping soundscape.



2. Tempo Giusto- Blast Radius (M.I.K.E. Push Remix)

As a long standing producer with heavy roots within the lifespan of Trance music, the legendary M.I.K.E. has always been a valuable asset within the international Trance scene, and singles such as Intruder with Armin van Buuren, Massive Motion and his iconic single of Universal Nation underneath his Push alias have been quality staples for artists to look back upon to get a glimpse of the glory days of Trance. With almost 2 decades worth of experience in the DJ scene and with 4 albums under his belt, he is one of the greatest artists of the past that has continued to produce today when many have decided to hang up their headphones. Currently, he’s underneath Markus Schulz‘s Coldharbour Recordings with a number of recent singles such as The Motive, Astrolab and Intrusion, and it seems that recently, he has caught the brooding, moody bug of the patented Coldharbour sound into his recent singles of Bomba and Guardians Of The Deep. For this remix of Tempo Giusto‘s Blast Radius, he decided to take a more subversive route into Techno as it ditches away the manic tone of the Original and instead replaces it with a warping, twisting bassline that is more reserved and lowkey. His sound deeply reminds me of styles such as Leon Bolier, Marc Simz, Aerofoil and Cirez D with a more Trancier aspect to it, as the main breakdown expands upon the Original’s agitated state and envelops us into a more traditional breakdown that is reminiscent of M.I.K.E.‘s older productions. However, the upcoming drop features a wildly fluctuating Techno bassline with lifting synths that take things to a higher frequency point, and while this mix doesn’t have the ruthless savagery that the original does, it certainly sulks around with a more reserved evil than its predecessor.

Both the Original and M.I.K.E. Push‘s mixes of Tempo Giusto‘s Blast Radius is out now on Echelon Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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