Erotic Café has poured kerosene on an already bomb track with their remix of ‘Ape’s Gun’, and if you haven’t heard SBCR (Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo) & Razihel’s original mix, I highly suggest you do so. Erotic Café is an Italian trio comprised of Marco, Giulio, and Tommy. A simple glimpse of their Facebook bio reveals their noble intentions, “Electronic Bass Music for making you wet.” Need I continue?

Capitalizing on the aggressive nature of the original, this bass-heavy assault maintains a steppy vibe throughout, snarling like a labyrinthian beast and firing womps of doom straight to the cerebellum. Erotic Café has a serious knack for sound design, which creates quite a few memorable moments throughout the track. Overall, it’s quite an eclectic remix, employing a trap influenced structure, then tossing in a break beat before transitioning to moombah.

My only gripe with this track is the mix dropping volume from 1:17 to 2:05. Other than that tiny blip, Erotic Café has crafted a grimy jewel that’s surely going to grab some attention. The trio has made their ‘Ape’s Gun’ Remix available for free, so pay it forward and give them a follow on Soundcloud.