I love covers. Honestly, if a track is good enough to warrant a cover in the first place, then most covers will be good. (I understand that isn’t the most sound logic, but whatever.)

There are hundreds of different ways to cover a song: recreate the whole thing with a new flair, take one instrument and transpose the track to the appropriate sheet music, make a little skit, whatever. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are piano covers, though I’ve seen many with guitar, ukulele, random improvised household items, etc. One of the ones that I’m most consistently enamored with are drum covers, especially for electronic music. Being a fan of DnB, drum covers can get pretty damn awesome. But even when you aren’t playing at 174 BPM, you can do a lot to make up for the time in between snare hits.

Matt McGuire and Luke Holland are two of my favorite drummers on YouTube playing covers, and it just so happens that they both uploaded videos of a Skrillex song in the past week. (Though, Luke’s is covering Jack Ü.) They both take different approaches to their covers, and certainly the track selection comes into play. With Luke covering “Where Are Ü Now,” the percussion is noticeably softer and slower than in “Ragga Bomb,” Matt’s choice. Still, creativity comes into play: while Luke chooses to strictly cover the original track, Matt throws in the Teddy Killerz and Zomboy remixes, as well, creating a much more dynamic product.

Check out both below, and let us know which one you like better.


Image via Ashley Landis