We are bringing something special to you today, a presentation of one of the best mixes you’ll hear all year from one of our favorite house duos on earth, the Two FriendsBig Bootie Mix, Volume 7. The mix will be premiered live over Mixify tonight at 7pm PST here; a perfect cap to your work day.

The mix itself features 95 songs in an hour, an incredible feat to say the least. However the flow that Two Friends are able to maintain throughout this hour is what impresses us most. Although it transcends genre, decades of time, and powers through nearly a hundred songs in the span of a normal set, this mix doesn’t feel rushed or crowded by any means.

The true magic of the Big Bootie Mix series is that all of the vocals are in key and work in conjunction with the instrumental to create a whole new experience crafted from songs you already know.

The tracklist is chock full of timeless gems and new songs that will have you searching frantically for downloads as the mix progresses. And if you’ve heard previous BB mixes you’re in for a treat, because this is definitely their best yet. Perfect for the gym, your commute, pre-game or as soundtrack to your next party, this is one of our favorite side-projects from the California based producer/DJs, and as creme of the crop we’ll have this one, volume 7, on repeat for quite some time.

So come on out and join us tonight for the first listen of Big Bootie Mix, Volume 7!