Paradiso Festival is going to be one of the best festivals of the summer and with tickets already 80% sold out, it’s going to be one for the history books. Already announcing artists such as Martin Garrix, Skrillex & more, Paradiso takes place in the beautiful Gorge, Washington and has one of the most beautiful natural backdrops you could ask for. (Yes, we’re aware of Red Rocks.)

Unfortunately, Ticketmaster has screwed the pooch and mailed out Paradiso tickets prematurely causing a scalper’s dream. Ticketmaster has announced that all the tickets sent out will be voided, and new ones will be sent out at the correct date. The problem, however, is there are now hundreds of voided Paradiso tickets that look exactly like the real thing.

Paradiso is on track to sell out in record time and with the demand being so high, scalpers will surely use this opportunity to try and scam people with voided tickets.

It is important that this year you validate your ticket and only buy it through the proper channels. If you are looking to buy a scalped ticket, you must ensure that the ticket is verified and real. In all honesty, it would be better to avoid the risk altogether and purchase your real tickets here to ensure you get the real deal.

With the full lineup announcement dropping in only a few weeks, Paradiso is about to make a big splash and become a front runner in the summers best festivals. Grab your tickets HERE and check out last year’s recap to get ready for their biggest year yet:


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