Deadmau5’s love for cats has reached an all time high, it would appear. Scheduled later this month, Deadmau5 will be playing a role in the “Just For Cats” festival taking place in Toronto.

The festival will highlight the best cat videos the internet has to offer and will celebrate, well, cats.

In partnership with the Canadian Federation Of Humane Societies, the festival will help raise money to feed and care for animals throughout Canada. Deadmau5’s appearance will help raise awareness and donations towards the good cause of finding homes for animals in need.

“Co-presented with the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, the smash-hit festival devoted to the best in cat-themed internet videos returns to TIFF Bell Lightbox with a brand-new edition of furry frolics — complete with a red-carpet walk and bona fide felines in attendance!” –TIFF


In preparation for the festival, Deadmau5 is whipping Professor Meowingtons into shape for the big event:

You can read the full story on TRC:

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