I can remember Sunday, May 27, 2012 like it was just yesterday. I woke up at 4am and ventured to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the world’s largest sporting event – the Indy 500. Even though I had been before, there was something at the 500 that really caught my attention: The Snake Pit. For those who are unaware, The Snake Pit officially started in the 1970s and is where a lot of “craziness” happened (sports, music, booze, streaking, etc.). In the 90s, however, the Snake Pit did not exist anymore. After more than a 10-year hiatus, it came back to life in 2012. This time…they made it bigger than ever. With the rise of electronic dance music, they booked Benny Benassi (one of my favorite producers at the time) to headline and this fairly unknown trio out of Chicago called Krewella to open.

Since I was a big fan of Benny, I spent a lot of time browsing Krewella’s music before the event so that I could sing along to their music. May 27th came and I found myself knowing all of the lyrics and having the time of my life. Let’s just say that because of the Snake Pit, I ended up discovering my new favorite music group – Krewella. Therefore, The Snake Pit holds a special place in my heart. I have missed the last two years (headliners have included Afrojack, Hardwell, Nervo, and Dillon Francis), but you can bet your ass I won’t miss 2015. This year, the Snake Pit has a monstrous lineup with Kaskade, Steve Aoki, and A-Trak. It is the first year that Chicago-based event promotions company, React Presents is hosting the event. If you’ve ever been to a React show, then you know this one is going to be great. The best part about the Snake Pit is: you don’t have to be a fan of IndyCar to enjoy yourself. You can come to the event and watch some or the entire race if you’d like, or you can spend your time raging at the Snake Pit the entire day instead. Gates will open at 7am, and the music will begin shortly after and last until about 2pm.

2015 Indy 500 Snake Pit Trailer:

Come out to Indy and enjoy one of the world’s most famous sporting events and rage w/ us to some amazing music in the Snake Pit!

When: Sunday, May 24th from 7am-2pm EST

Where: Turn 3 infield @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Purchase tickets to the race and a wristband for the Snake Pit here:


Snake Pit schedule:

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