Wishing there were a way to wiggle, shake, & boogie your way through the hump of the week? Have no fear, Big Joe Daddy is here! His latest release, A Few Of My Friends Vol. 1, is an eclectic fusion of jazz and bass music that will leave you tingling.

A classically trained musician, Big Joe Daddy first picked up a trumpet at the age of 9. The experience he’s gained over the years has certainly carried over into his experiments with electronic music, allowing him to craft especially unique arrangements. Deep bass-lines and crisp percussion are combined with choice synth patterns and organic brass instrumentation to create a palpable sonic atmosphere. Most noticeably, Joe creates music with a wonderfully loose touch; each track has its own flair and nothing feels ‘by the book’. As the title implies, this is the first in a series of collaborative albums that will feature several musician friends from his days playing funk, blues, jazz, and salsa. Rick Zamora, former guitarist for Janis Joplin, is Vol. 1‘s special guest, lending bright, chunky guitar riffs to liven up the mix.

A Few of My Friends Vol. 1 has been released via Street Ritual and can be purchased via their Bandcamp. Check out the full stream below and make sure to grab a copy for yourself if you’re feeling the vibes!


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[Artwork: Mike Sponge || Swamp Music]

[Mastering: Peter Farr (aka Urple Eeple) || Prismaphonic]