Sometimes all it takes is 3 minutes and 22 seconds to give you a clearer perspective about a person. Let’s take a look at this three minute home video featuring a young Avicii. The grainy footage shows Tim Bergling as a young sir, lip syncing to a track by Swedish hip hop artist Lilleman. Kid Avicii shares the stage with a fellow performer, and they proceed to intensely bounce verses off each other for a small crowd.

The link to the video was included in this instagram photo featuring the Swedish producer/DJ posted up in a club with Chipotle king Carnage.

So how does that previously stated clearer perspective come into play? Before he garnered hate for the inescapable “Levels”, before he garnered hate for going country with “Wake Me Up”, before he garnered hate for making a track with Madonna, Avicii was just a kid that loved the hell out of music, regardless of genre. My apologies for going all after school special on you all, but seeing the humble beginnings of someone who worked their hardest to pursue their passion for music? It kind of makes me want to put the fangs away for just a minute. Nevermind, someone just started playing “Levels” again…


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