When Alesso comes to mind, guns and robbery are probably the farthest things from what you’d expect (especially when you consider the video for his track “Cool”), but Starbreeze Studio is changing all that. There’s a new expansion set to release for Payday 2 called ‘The Alesso Heist’. This downloadable content (DLC) will set the player in the middle of an Alesso concert before it becomes the scene of an intense robbery.

Here’s what Alesso had to say about the DLC.

I’m a huge gaming fan. Starbreeze asked me to do my own piece of the game and appear in the game itself and it was an immediate yes from me. PAYDAY was created with the animation and my live shows in mind, both of which feature in the game. A sort of animation sonic creation. It was a great experience for me and gaming is big for a lot of my fans so it was another great way to put my album into their world.

Alesso even wrote a track for the expansion entitled, ‘Payday’ which is available now via Spotify. ‘The Alesso Heist’ will offer new weapons, achievements, and even masks designed after Alesso’s trademark. The DLC is to be released on PC in May for only $6.99.


Source: The Christian Post