When he’s not busy slinging bass at the masses, Xilent goes by the name of Eryk Kowalczyk. His collaboration with Seven Lions for ‘The Fall’ was a bona-fide mind melter, and Xilent’s production prowess has received serious acclaim since 2011’s ‘Choose Me II’. UKF recently sat down with Xilent to discuss his debut LP.

In the interview, Xilent leaks a few track names, but is set on keeping the album’s title under lock and key. Here’s what he has to say regarding continuity and hidden meaning.

Every track is connected to one another to create a seamless loop when playing the album continuously. There are some subliminal messages in there too, but you have to be quite attentive or have some fun with spectrographs.

Yes, Xilent’s album will be a cryptographer’s wet dream. There’s also going to be a limited edition CD release that’s sure to pack extra goodies.

Xilent began the album in Scotland, continuing to write in England and Spain before moving back to Poland where he finished it. Here’s his take on the sonic influence of these locations.

The tracks reflect my mindset in particular places. In the UK I laid the grounds for the album with the intro – ‘Connect’ – along with more serious tracks – ‘Is There Time’ and ‘Infinity’. Spain was very positive and mind-opening; I was in a great place, by the seaside. I wrote ‘Revolution’, ‘To The Future’ and ‘Chemical’ there actually. ‘Pixel Journey’ as well, which is not on the album, but it’s a good representation of where I was at mentally. Then I moved to Poland and got married so I was even happier. I finished the album off with ‘Animation’… which, with the help of Diamond Eyes’ vocals is easily my happiest, most positive tune ever.

When working on any creative project, the last thing anyone needs is to lose previous work. Forced to switch computers mid-way through, that’s exactly what happened to Xilent.

I’ve spent the last months trying to fix those tracks – half of the raw projects for half of the tracks on the album were lost because of the [computer] switch and the hard drive couldn’t access the old files anymore. So I had to mix and fix half of the album’s tracks without having raw, unmastered audio to work with.

Four countries, three years, and two computers later, Xilent will be releasing his first full-length album in May. I’ll be here quietly salivating until then…

Read the full interview here.


Source: UKF