This story originally appeared exactly one year ago today.

Coachella’s first weekend just came to an end, and with that comes the slew of announcements and news about which celebrity attended the famed event. But a rather unexpected report joined the mass media coverage: Justin Bieber was put in a chokehold and kicked out of the festival by security.

Internet haters and keyboard warriors rejoice!

Details of the altercation are still scarce, but according to TMZ the infamous singer confronted security about letting him watch Drake’s performance from backstage. While Justin and his team apparently had the right credentials, the backstage space was over capacity and thus didn’t have room for Bieber and his posse. Justin didn’t take the refusal too kindly and started arguing, to which security replied by putting him in a chokehold and escorting him out of the venue.

Justin Bieber and his team are exploring legal action. You can watch the video below:

Source: TMZ