The rock-EDM crossover continues, this time with a familiar partnership. In 2013, Steve Aoki and Linkin Park released “A Light That Never Comes,” a gritty rock-rap infused tune that brought a more electro/dub side to the Grammy Award winning rockers. It was a big hit, as both dance music and rock fans enjoyed the track (which came with a really cool music video too).  Now, the team-up has produced more fruit, this time with “Darker Than Blood.” Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda challenged Aoki on Twitch as part of the promo campaign for the new Mortal Kombat X video in stores tomorrow. The track is less grimey than “A Light That Never Comes,” but still features the famous Linkin Park harmonies and lyrics that brought the group fame almost 15 years ago. The dark but still danceable “Darker Than Blood” will be a track on Steve Aoki’s upcoming Neon Future II, in stores May 12.