Music videos in dance music have gone through a tough time. For an art form that rarely actually tells a story, a visual medium has always been hard to convey. Many videos are simply live shots of shows that the producer has played at; others are some oddly contrived narrative that has relatively nothing to do with the sound that they music conveys; in other cases, the video is a medium to represent how heavily scary the music is.

Now that dance music is really becoming more musical and less beat-driven, music videos finally have a chance to shine. This most recent examples comes from Young Wolf Hatchlings with the video for “You Lovely You.” Directed by John Huang of Counter 656, who specialized in stop motion, the video for “You Lovely You” follows two young lovers on a picnic that gets interrupted by a King Kong-like entity and robots. (Typical, right? If she didn’t want to go out with him, she should have just said so.)

The video is utterly entertaining and the music is great, to boot. The blend of indie stylings and downtempo rhythm with happy house chords and dubstep wobbles makes for an exceptionally complex and pleasing sound.

Keep a lookout for the forthcoming EP, as well.