Music enthusiasts everywhere await the overflow of summer festival season patiently, and with that comes a wave of vacant bank accounts as a result of the prices paid for these extravagant soirees. Recent data confirms the most expensive festivals in the world, with Coachella hitting the number one spot in the ranking of most expensive festivals as the average festival attendee spends around £187 a day ($276). The party has just wrapped up one of its two weekends, showcasing a number of celebrities present as well as an extensive variety of LA’s trending fashion. Belgium’s Tomorrowworld just barely takes second place, costing an average of £186 a day. The list below examines a variety of different events throughout the world, displaying cost of admission, food, transportation and many other miscellaneous categories.

In any case, when it comes down to seeing one of your favorites play live, money often does not play a role.


Source: MixMag/The Guardian | Photo: Her Sweat