Zedd is on the brink of releasing his latest album, True Colors, and he is making the process very intimate. Over the past few weeks Zedd has been taking select fans to various locations to let them preview his upcoming album ahead of the release.

Having around 50 people at a time, the events range from partying in a cave to visiting the famous Alcatraz island in San Francisco.

Yes, that’s right. For Zedd’s latest event he took his fans to the world renowned prison for a once in a life time experience.

Pro skater Tony Hawk couldn’t resist the opportunity and was able to attend the event to show his support for the new album:



With still over a month to go until the release, we can expect far more extravagant events as the release date draws ever closer. Zedd is really taking the fan experience to the next level and we cannot wait to see the impact that his new album will make.

You can pre order Zedd’s True Colors album here: Pre Order

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