The collaboration between Tommy Trash and Wax Motif entitled “Hex” is a strong, melody-driven tune with slight electro influences. While the synths and drums help in adding to the overall flair of the track, it’s carried from start to finish by the strong melody. In attempting to bring another level of complexity and personality to the track, Wax Motif and Tommy Trash teamed up with a group of classical musicians to take it up a notch.

The complexities and polyrhythms of the original tune are broken down into distinct pieces and highlighted with individual instruments, particular piano, cello, and violin. Tommy’s virtuoso performance on piano shows his abilities beyond a simple producer – and while Wax Motif is only shown for a brief second looking inquisitive in a sound booth, we have to believe that he had some part in the arrangement/writing.

Take a look & listen to the beautifully deconstructed “Hex” below.