Los Angeles is fortunate to be home to one of the premiere bass promoters in the nation: Bassrush. The trap/dubstep/DnB arm of Insomniac has been throwing shows in the City of Angels for nearly 15 years but only recently has it begun to step the game up with huge local shows. Already establishing residency at Exchange LA where they routinely bring in names like Dieselboy, Pendulum, and Flux Pavilion, Bassrush has gone on to throw massives at the Hollywood Palladium.

The first of its kind was thrown last month and featured an extraordinary lineup: Zomboy, Bro Safari, Snails, and TC. For the next installment in May, they’re stepping the game up even further with six artists:

  • Representing Drum & Bass: Calyx & Teebee | Camo & Krooked
  • Representing Trap: Lookas | Kennedy Jones
  • Representing Dubstep: FuntCase | Dubloadz

I mean come on…. all of that, one night, one stage – can you say sploosh?

Ahead of the festivities, I got the chance to ask Lookas some questions about the show and what he thinks is gonna go down. You can buy tickets to the show here. They will sell out.

You’ve seen a pretty steady rise in popularity over the past year. How do you maintain a good level of hype from your fans?

I always try and connect with my fans on a daily basis through social media and I try and meet each one of them at my shows as well.

How has your upbringing in Miami affected your style of production?

Living in Miami has had a huge impact on my style of production. Being born in an Urban and diverse city like Miami you are surrounded by a lot of cultures and as I grew up, hip hop and EDM were both a huge influence on the music I make now.

You’re playing Los Angeles with some of the biggest names in the book: Calyx & Teebee, Kennedy Jones, and Funtcase just to name a few. How will you try to set yourself apart?

I’m really excited for Bassrush and I have a lot of new music prepared, as well. I think what will set me aside is how I connect with the crowd and the style of music I play. I’m going to have that place shaking to the ground .

Can we expect a collab with you and any of the others playing in the future?

Me and Kennedy Jones still need to finish our collab haha!

In your opinion, what makes Los Angeles such an amazing place for dance music?

I lived in Los Angeles for about 6 months this past year before moving back to Miami and the music culture there is so massive it’s hard to keep up with. Everyone is an Artist which makes it such a cool atmosphere. LA will always be pioneering new sounds and music for generations to come and I hope to go back soon to work and visit!

bassrush massive may 2015


Cover Image via Kenetic