You’ve got two kinds of artists: 1) the kind that work on an album and put all their energy into that one purpose, or 2) the kind that works on an album and still have enough energy left over to bang out an incredible remix or two. I can tell you right now that DC Breaks falls into that second category.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually mentioned this in an article yet, but anything released on Spinnin’ is actually oddly ready for a DnB remix. It worked with “Tremor”; it worked with “Not Coming Down”; and now you’re going to see it work with “Mistakes (I’ve Made).”

The original is a pretty kitschy trop house tune with a catchy top line and an acoustic guitar. DC Breaks, noticing that there really wasn’t much to work with, did away with all of the basic synths and basic chords, rewrote the melody to fit a DnB tempo, kept the vocals, and put it all together to form what sounds like an utterly new track.

Dan and Chris bring their signature driving basslines to elevating synth, whilst cleverly paying homage to the original with its nerve-twitching dancefloor appeal. Perfectly blending their craft and creating a 170 switch up, it demonstrates why DC Breaks have such a widespread commercial appeal, whilst dominating clubs in the UK’s most notorious corners.

DC Breaks have an album forthcoming this summer. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with pre-order info when it becomes available.