So media has this really weird tendency to sometimes make things happen out of rumors. I’m not saying that’s the case in this instance, but it would seem that our earlier report on a possible collab between Diplo and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant could well become a reality.

In an interview with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean morning show, Diplo talked about a variety of topics including his work with Madonna and how he doesn’t want to get “any more famous.” Among the topics, Robert Plant came up.

The two were on the same lineup for Lollapalooza down in South America and that’s where the instagram selfie came from.

“I was on tour with Robert Plant down in South America and we never did anything together, I just wrote that on my Instagram,” [Diplo] said. “It seemed like it was so insane that no one would take it seriously but now I’m actively going to look for him to do a collaboration.”

“The reason I even approached him backstage is because he beat me for the GRAMMY Record of the Year four years ago (The Diplo-produced “Paper Planes” lost to Plant and Alison Krauss’s “Please Read the Letter” in 2009 for Record of the Year) and I told him that was my only chance to to get that award and you and Alison Krauss ruined it for me, but I still want to get a photo with you anyway.”

“He’s so awesome and he has just such a good vibe,” Diplo [continued]. “He didn’t really know who I was but he spent like a half hour talking to me about whatever, and I thought that was just so cool.”

“His excitement about music and his eyes is still there and I love that. It gives me faith in my future, you know?”

Electronic musicians collaborating with classic rock icons is nothing new. Skrillex famously collaborated with The Doors for “Breakin’ A Sweat” and NERO actually enlisted one half of Hall & Oates for their track “Reaching Out.” A Diplo & Robert Plant collaboration would no doubt sound amazing, as the breadth of musical knowledge that each would bring to the table would inevitably create something otherworldly.

You can listen to the whole show below – skip to around 58 minutes for Diplo’s interview.