When Sony Pictures’ emails recently became available for public viewing on WikiLeaks, any intelligent individual would scour the data for information relevant to their interests. After all, who doesn’t like digging through a company’s dirty laundry?

Dance music showed up relatively few times in the company’s email exchanges. (Remember: Sony Music and Sony Pictures are two completely separate entities.) However, the company was definitely considering using EDM as a way to connect with the millennial generation and remain relevant amidst an ever-changing cinematic landscape.

Spiderman even almost received some dance music assistance, reading:

– EDM (electronic dance music) is the defining music for Millennials. Wondering if there’s an EDM angle somewhere with Spidey? His movements are beautiful, would be awesome with a killer DJ behind it

We recently reported an op-ed in Billboard in which Pete Tong called for a dance music movie, sort of our magnum opus. Well, he almost got one. According to the leaks, in an email dated March 2014, a movie almost went into production titled “I’m In Love With The DJ.” It would have featured “three twenty something women going through versions of quarter life crises and one of them goes on a business trip to Barcelona and falls in love with an EDM DJ.” Based on the title and description, this movie would have seemingly been tailored straight to a younger generation, leaving most of our parents and older relatives utterly out of the loop.

Though, in the original email from Michael De Luca, producer and screenwriter, there were some, er … issues, that needed revision.

I agree with him that this could be a hit for female millenials. [sic] Script and characters need work (there may be one too many cunnilingus set pieces and way too much cocaine, among other shortcomings) but it is laugh out loud funny

Electronic music is very obviously beginning to penetrate different realms of media, regularly appearing now in commercials and bridge sequences on talks shows and radio. It would likely please Pete Tong to know that a dance music movie really isn’t that far off of a possibility.

You can search through all of Sony Pictures’ emails here, if you find that you have the time.


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