This year’s inaugural CRSSD Festival was lauded as one of the most diverse and appealing lineups of festival season. Its apparent refusal to book the biggest and most popular names led to popularity that would seem counter-intuitive to companies like SFX or Insomniac. From everyone that I talked to who came back from the fest, it was nothing but a resounding success.

However, the county of San Diego and Waterfront Park estimate that approximately $64,000 in repairs will be needed to fix the damage done to the park during the weekend. Th event organizers rented the park for $33,000, which accounted for nearly one-third of the revenue that was expected of the park for the entire year.

Unfortunately, the massive amount of foot traffic led to the landscape being essentially ruined. The damage from the festival includes:

  • A sign in the playground area that is estimated to cost close to $2,000 to replace.
  • Fountain and hardscape surfacing damaged with food and drink stains and chewing gum.
  • Irrigation heads, valves and leaks, estimated to cost $6,270.
  • More than 500 plants which are expected to cost $35,340 to replace.
  • Depressed turf and granite surfaces, estimated to cost $14,250.

Festival organizers, FNGRS CRSSD and Goldenvoice, and the county have already agreed to this estimate and “work is underway to make the repairs.” There was a security deposit of $7,000 for the festival; since the damage is greater than the deposit, “the company will be invoiced for the remainder of the repair costs.”


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