Soul Train, the popular R&B music TV show from the ’70s, is getting a modernized EDM reboot. As sappy as that sounds, the YouTube series, which is aptly named Rave Train, uses the same dance-party atmosphere to integrate a wide variety of electronic subgenres into an amicable environment. Like its renowned predecessor, it incorporates a dance floor with loads of partygoers. But instead of purple blazers and parachute pants, the ravers are decked out in band t-shirts and furry boots.

The series has already released three episodes, but is certainly missing something. The DJs are simply lacking talent, the dancers are awkwardly putting out too much effort or none at all, and the light shows have no interesting effect with the room lights on. However, this show definitely has potential, as the idea behind it definitely has some traction. Partnering with 411 Music Group, they will hopefully attain the resources to make it more enjoyable. Watch the first episode below!


H/T EDM Sauce