Have you ever spent so many “Years” in a “City of Dreams” that you wondered… is this where I “Lose My Mind”? Well with Alesso’s new 212 VIP Limited Club Edition fragrance, wonder no more, and join the legion of “Heroes.”

Ok, so maybe my slogan for Alesso’s new cologne is a tad much, but tell me you wouldn’t have at least sniffed a sample of that bad boy after reading that in a magazine. Terrible slogans aside, Alesso’s debut album Forever is hitting its final lap before releasing on May 22, and the Swedish DJ/Producer has a double punch of marketing for the masses. Today he unveiled his latest single off the album, “If It Wasn’t For You,” which also coincides with the unveiling of his new 212 VIP Limited Edition Club fragrances with fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

The track is currently only available in music video form (featuring more product placement than a Nascar jacket), but will be released as an instant download on May 4 for those who preorder Forever on iTunes. Check out the track and visual below, as we countdown the days until one of house music’s biggest names finally releases his debut album.