Luca Lush is becoming a Your EDM mainstay, and it’s easily justified. With clean production quality and a groovy bounce, he is certainly making an established name for himself. His music cannot be classified under one genre, as his track record has shown a versatile array of stylistic methodology. This track is perfect proof of that, as we get a prime perspective of his take on tropical house.

The track opens with an extremely well-mastered piano riff that’s accompanied by a classic steel drums tropical house synth. Wyclef Jean’s smooth vocals roll in with a soft, yet punchy percussion track, causing you to bob your head with a smile and look for the nearest beer in sight. The sub-bass drops out, leaving an infectious clap layered over Wyclef’s joyous chorus. Seconds later, you find yourself in the heart of the build, gracing you with heightened anticipation for the euphoric drop that’s coming your way. It hits, and you are suddenly transported to a beautiful beach paradise where the sun shines endlessly and problems don’t exist.

I don’t normally listen to tropical house, but Luca Lush’s skew on it will certainly be a centerpiece of my most visited playlists. This remix gives me that giddy feeling that only a talented artist can convey, and I don’t plan on taking it off repeat for the foreseeable future. Check it out below!