Does the melody of “Neon” sound slightly familiar? You might have heard it before, but under a different name. When Thomas Hayes first made this track, the instrumental was called “Alluvion,” and found its way onto the Tritonia 002 compilation earlier this year. It was a wonderful addition to the compilation from the Australian producer, who also released “Falling,”  and “Cirrus” on the London label. Now, with vocals from indie/folk singer Joni Fatora, “Neon (Alluvion)” has a new lease on life. Fatora does well to highlight every subtle plucky synth in the verses, before the track opens up into a bigger, but still lighthearted drop. It’s a great follow up from Fatora after last year’s “Palm of Your Hand,” with Speed Limits and Jaco. Thomas Hayes’ first vocal track “Neon (Alluvion)” hits stores May 18th.