Germany isn’t just a birthing ground for techno powerhouses, it seems all types of music has a home there. Stuttgart native Cuebrick first turned heads on March’s Tritonia 002 compilation, and after positive reviews, he’s releasing his debut EP on Enhanced Music.

The EP features two tracks: “Demon” and “Save Me”. Even with a ominous name like “Demon,” this is a progressive tune through and through, especially with strong vocals. There’s much more of an bite to it than most of Enhanced’s progressive tracks, allowing Cuebrick to stand out in a big way. On the other hand, “Save Me” serves as “Demons'” foil, with a slightly brighter, festival-ready tone. Even though both tracks can stand strongly on their own, it’s the happy marriage of light and dark elements that make this a diverse first showing from the young German producer.

Cuebrick’s Demon/Save Me EP Is out now on Enhanced Music and is available exclusively on Beatport.