Another week has flown by and a bunch of new tunes have dropped that are waiting to be part of your music collection. One such new tune that is making a bit of buzz is a new bootleg of the Kaskade collaboration with Rebecca & Fiona know as “Turn It Down”. This new facelift was crafted and specially packaged by Sokko & Lyons, an American duo from Oregon who have combined the majestic power of trance with the chill ambiance in tropical-ized deep house.

A ship-full of EDM heads and practically all Kaskade fans remember “Turn It Down” from his 2011 album Fire & Ice. Personally, this is one of the first Kaskade songs that turned me towards his sound and the rest of his discography. When listening to Sokko & Lyon’s remix of “Turn It Down”, I was holding it to a very high standard and comparing it to prior remix from Deniz Koyu, Le Castle Vania, and Nause as well as the main track by Ryan Raddon.

Where the original song is constructed in a more chill, pop-like manner, the Sokko & Lyons remix is louder and more anthemic. There are also plenty of vocal chops of Rebecca & Fiona’s singing across this remix that blend with the blazing synths and the tropical chimes that make this remix somewhat unique. The fusion of progressive trance with light tropical house vibes allow this remix to revive a four-years-old song with combining fresh sounds with memorable melodies and singing.

If you are interested in owning a copy of this tune, you can pick up this song for free here or stream it below. It is definitely worth a few, thorough listens.