I had a lot of criticism for Skrillex’s recent remix of “Bad Man” from the Ragga Twins. It sounded so absurdly identical to his and Trollphace’s remix of “Burial” that I believed the man had actually finally worked himself ragged and just recycled some synths. It happens…

But Erotic Cafe made me realize that it’s not the synths, it’s how you approach them. And in this case, the synths that had become so ungodly repetitive in dubstep were a total breath of fresh air for DnB.

This actually isn’t the first time that dubstep synths have shined brightly in a DnB tune – think of Skrillex & Nero’s remix of “Holdin On,” or Slum Dogz VIP of “Watch Out.” Both tunes are some of the raunchiest drum & bass that I can get down to on the dancefloor, and now Erotic Cafe is among that select list.

Their edit of Skrillex’s remix pumps up the BPM and the energy, letting fans go truly wild. Check it out below.