I’ve listened to a lot of collaborations in the past, but this one truly might be the strangest. Major Lazer are no strangers to working with artists from all different backgrounds. Singers, producers, musicians, and more have constantly made an appearance, but not until now has a comedian been brought on board. Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg has broken the mold with a recent guest spot on the Major Lazer cartoon alongside a collaboration on their track “Bass Drop“.

Andy Samberg’s yelps and wails go along perfectly with the heavy electro bumps of Diplo and the crew. The accompanying music video is a now-recognizable representation of the cartoon’s artistic style, and goes along wonderfully with the track. “Bass Drop” will not be on Major Lazer’s forthcoming album, Peace Is The Mission.

Listen out for Andy Samberg’s character in the upcoming episodes coming soon on FXX.


Source: EDM.com

Photo: LATimes