If you haven’t heard the news, The Brig is creating his own “band” with an exclusive singer and guitartist and calling it Umperia. For this first round of releases, The Brig is keeping his name in the artists but I assume it will phase out eventually.

Their first EP, entitled Neon Light, dropped today and we’ve got the stream for one of the tracks – “Siren.” It’s quite a cinematic tune, filled with lush harmonies and vibrant basslines. The addition of the live guitar amplifies the tune’s natural appeal, giving it a much more fleshed out sound. As for the singer, I’m not sure who she is but she fits in quite nicely with this group.

“Siren” is a drumstep tune at heart, but its various influences shine through quite clearly in the DnB-esque drum sequence and hard dubstep breakdowns. As producers begin to really explore their own capabilities, more and more exemplary tracks like this one will begin to surface. I truly believe that the overall caliber of music we’ll see in 2015 will be leagues above the past couple of years. This is just the beginning.

You can purchase Neon Light on Beatport now.

The Brig