Laurie Carroll and Stefan Anfield, known together as Mind Vortex, are classically trained musicians whose lives took an immediate 180 once their passion for drum & bass was ignited. The duo’s intense dedication to their craft along with their ingenuity is felt through every meticulous kick and thoughtful melody.

“Curve Ball”, one of the four tracks on Mind Vortex’s newly released Against the Grain EP, is a true testament to their talent and innovation in the DnB realm. The tune starts with smooth piano chords and soft beats, building into engulfing synths reminiscent of the intro of Deadmau5’s classic “Ghosts ‘n Stuff”. The song subsequently drops into waves of percussion and chopped melody, pulling you in from all directions as the vibe transforms in a manner extremely fitting for the track’s title.

The Against the Grain EP is available now from the ever-awesome RAM Records. Take a listen to “Curve Ball” below: