UK and Netherlands collide in this epic hip-hop/bass premiere.

Virus Syndicate are well-known in the bass music circuit for their incredibly powerful and charge featured vocals, as well as their own original music, spanning three albums. Dope D.O.D.‘s discography also spans three albums, but have yet to break into the American purview.

With this crossover EP, the two groups are likely to cause some major waves, starting with this premiere of the track “Killing Em.” This style of hip-hop and bass is unique in just how much the two styles cross over, creating a completely singular sound amidst a throng of copy and pasted basslines. As two strong vocal groups, the beats will inevitably take a backseat to the rhymes, which if you listen to this track, isn’t an issue anyway.

The Battle Royale EP is out May 4th. Pre order the EP now :

Also be sure to check out the official video for the title single, “Battle Royale.”