What happens when you take an energetic, melody-driven dance music duo and add a pop-star’s flawless voice? The result is this latest remix from Tritonal. Chad & Dave have started to take more risks with their remixes, straying from mainstream dance tunes in favor of outside genres like contemporary christian and now pop. Their first endeavor into this world is a doozy, taking on one of the most versatile male singers Adam Lambert. Many of you know this over the top vocal god from his run on American Idol, and most recently as the new frontman for Queen on their world tour. Lambert is about to release his new album The Original High, but stopped along the way to pick up a remix for “Ghost Town” from Tritonal.

The lyrics are memorable, but its Tritonal’s distorted electronic backing that completely transforms this track. A faint whistle echoes throughout, a haunting compliment to the repeating line “My heart is a ghost town.” But the remix is anything but melancholy like its future house-y original; it still manages to stay bouncy and upbeat just like the Texas pair.