Two weeks ago, Tommy Trash and Wax Motif posted a video of a stripped down version of their track “Hex.” While the original was an electro house hit, this deconstructed version featured Tommy Trash playing the piano while a small orchestra accompanied him.

This video inspired a series of covers, which spawned a great idea from the producers. Fans can now download the sheet music, so that they can also use their musical talents to film their own covers as well. It’s an inventive way of not only bridging the gap between dance and classical music, but showing dance music’s biggest critics that there is true artistry to the genre, not just a bunch of DJs pressing buttons and running around the stage. Some people have already uploaded their covers, from a full band, to a young piano player, an electronic violinist, and even a metal drummer.

Want to try your hand at creating a new version of “Hex?” Below is a copy of the sheet music:

Hex FullScore 020915