It’s hard to pick a favorite remix of a song you like. It’s even harder to pick a favorite remix or two out of an entire album of remixes. Following the critical success of Gorgon City’s debut album Sirens,  many producers stepped forward to deliver three LPs worth of remixes. While you should definitely listen to all of them (Gorgon City’s Soundcloud is stacked), here are my favorites from the official release package:

“Unmissable” ft. Zak Abel  (ANNA Remix)

When “Unmissable” was unveiled as a single before the album’s release, ANNA’s remix led the pack. While the original is very upbeat with a radio-friendly, pop-ish vibe, ANNA brings “Unmissable” back to the deep end of house music with a heavy bassline. What’s even better is that this club edit clocks in at almost eight minutes, the perfect amount of time to get completely lost in this track two or three times over.

“Ready for Your Love” ft. MNEK (CLOSE Remix)

Another one of those tracks that was around well before the release of Sirens, CLOSE probably strays the furthest from the original tune, bringing in a sensual, bare bones take on this mega-hit. CLOSE strips everything away and leaves just a minimal melody under MNEK’s vocals. This remix is the type you hear in a grimey underground set around the 4am mark.

“Go All Night” ft. Jennifer Hudson (Drew Hill Remix)

While “Ready for Your Love” was the first unofficial hit off the album, it was “Go All Night” that gave Gorgon City commercial success, allowing them to bring their house tunes to the masses with the help of Jennifer Hudson. Hudson’s diva vocals resonate with anyone who loved 90s house music, but Drew Hill turns this tune into bedroom ballad with a slower tempo and lighter vocals before bringing back the original instrumental.

“Say You Love Me” – Jessie Ware (Gorgon City Remix)

Okay, so this track wasn’t actually on Sirens, but this official Gorgon City remix of Jessie Ware deserves some serious recognition too. They keep Ware’s somber vocals, but take it from a slow jam to a house banger that makes you believe that was the original intent of the song all along. It easily fits into their catalog of originals and knows how to take a party to the next level.