It’s really no secret that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are more flash than substance, so it’s always fun to see how they one-up themselves with each new antic. After all, you can only go so bright.

But it seems like they went supernova for the official music video for their track “The Hum” with Ummet Ozcan. Sampling the famous hum song from the movieĀ The Wolf Of Wall Street, the trio create another indistinguishable big room house track that easily blends in with the other dozen big room tracks they’ll be playing in their sets.

The video, on the other hand, is a righteous example of debauchery featuring a dwarf on an elephant, sleezy female police officers, alligators, Jean Claude van Damme and … Charlie Sheen. Sheen’s entrance is indeed epic as he enters the party, cutting the music and asking, “Who f*ckin died?” to note that no one remained dancing. The party starts up again and the degeneracy continues.