It always excites us to see artists leveling up and expanding their skill sets. Case in point: Oakland’s native beat blender, Intellitard. His sound has truly developed over his last couple releases, as has his prolificacy. The Nudibranch EP marks his third full release so far this year and we’re sure there’s more to come. Full of dubbed out, glitchy goodness, this is definitely one of his most cohesive projects; from ‘Building Starships in Paradise’ to ‘Growing Flowers in Liquid Metal’, the vibes are on point and the progression feels like a leisurely swim through warm molasses. Fans of artists like Andreilien and kLL sMTH will definitely pick up what Intellitard is laying down; our favorite track was ‘Filling a Hole That Isn’t Empty’, a syrupy, almost-medieval sounding collection of wubs and wobbles.

The Nudibranch EP is available as a pay-what-you-can download on Intellitard‘s Bandcamp page and we encourage you to donate if you’re digging the music. Also, if you’re a Bay Area resident, you can catch a live performance from the man himself tonight at Wormhole Wednesday; it’s both an EP release party and the kick-off of his summer tour and the mysterious S∆LO is playing as well! Definitely be there if you can, full lineup, tour dates, and album stream after the jump.


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Tour Dates:
May 6 – Wormhole Wednesday – Oakland, CA

May 7 – Theory Thursday – Reno, NV

May 8 – Bassmint – Chico, CA

May 9 – Whole Earth Festival – Davis, CA

May 13 – Motiv – Santa Cruz,CA

May 15 – Native Bounce – Sacremnto, CA

Mat 15 – 18 – Emissions Festival – Belden, CA

May 20 – Whomp – Arcata, CA

May 21 – Ashland Bass Crew – Ashland, OR

May 22 – Crazy Horse -Boise, ID

May 23 – The Sickhouse – Idaho Falls, ID

May 27 – Milkcrate Wednesdays – Missoula, MT

May 28 – 31 – Infrasound Festival – Wisconsin – Confirmed

June 2 – Electronic Tuesdays – Denver, CO

June 5 – 6 – Weirdos in the Woods – Blackhawk, CO

June 10 – Next LVL – Austin, TX

June 16 – Dayton, OH

June 18 – Bass Ritual – Chicago, IL

June 21 – Bass Church – New Orleans

June 23 – Future Funk Lounge – Dallas, TX

June 26 – Sounds Like Primal – Santa Fe, NM

[Mastering: Peter Farr (aka Urple Eeple) || Prismaphonic]

[Artwork: Isabel Gibson]