Hello Summer, I am ready for you. I am ready for the sunshine, the lack of school, and the abundance of hangouts and good times. I’m also ready for the music, but luckily some Summer vibes were brought to us early by Nick Steffen, Jeff Molner and Derek Rhodes who remixed “I Need Your Love.”

Shaggy‘s original dropped at the end of last year, and has since made a splash, reaching in the Top 25 of the US charts. Now, the song has a “Back In Miami Club Mix” that surprisingly isn’t very clubby at all. Not that it’s an issue, because what they cooked up is even better than a cheesy house edit. What they deliver is a trappy, moombah concoction of some sort that really doesn’t need to be pinned down as one thing. Unless, what you are labeling it as “dope,” I don’t think anything else needs to be tagged to it. If you would like to purchase the original, you may do so on iTunes.