There are producers that love to throw it back to the 90s with their remix flips, but Bobby Nourmand turns the clock back much further with his remix treatments. His interpretation of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound” would even catch the attention of your parents with how far back it goes, but the LA-based producer keeps us in the 60s with his most recent flip of the Rolling Stone’s “Gimme Shelter” that he titles “Shelter.”

Nourmand has defined his music though his deep house framework, oscillating basslines, and eerie synth patches to really build a niche sound of his own. For his “Shelter” rework, the standout element is the haunting synth howl in the background that Normand then layers the Rolling Stones’ retro lyrics, a rolling bass, and body-rocking percussion arrangement over in sync. Seriously spooky but undeniably danceable, Bobby Nourmand continues to separate his unique approach to deep house from the rest. To throw it back with Bobby Nourmand, grab the free download below.