It sounds like a ZHU collaboration, and could possibly be his first release of 2015; but regardless of who is behind this, let’s just take a moment to appreciate just how gorgeous this three and a half minute original is. We discovered it on Proximity yesterday and haven’t been able to stop listening since. And, provided Proximity’s reputation of featuring only the best in house, we can’t even imagine who this ID artist might be.

Entitled “Slowly,” this track features heavily manipulated vocals that maintain a very chilled out vibe for this light-hearted progressive tune.  The bubbly bridge synths descend into a deep bass line familiar to a different breed of house, but the artist(s) behind this meld it seamlessly with a more minimal style to create a memorable sound. In turn, the melodies progress naturally throughout the three and a half minute expanse and will stay stuck in your head all day long. The true beauty of “Slowly,” however, comes with the conjunction of catchy lyrics like “take me there slowly, yeah hold me like you know me forever” and gorgeous production which results in a song that has the ability to evoke strong emotions in the listener.

Check it out below and stay tuned as we continue to search for this mystery producer.

Photo by Kent Otto/Electronic Midwest