I’m feeling blessed by the sheer amount of NERO content that we’ve seen in the past couple of months. After waiting for what seems like forever for them to break their silence and announce a second album, the trio have released three singles, livestreamed their Coachella performance, and now they’ve released a music video for “The Thrill.”

This tune originally rubbed me the wrong way, to be honest. The complex rhythms and lack of discernible genre threw me for a loop, and it wasn’t until I heard it in their Coachella set that it really clicked for me. This is an amazing tune for bridges and flowing compositions, but doesn’t sit as firmly as a single.

Despite its (slight) shortcomings, “The Thrill” is still just as powerful as ever, largely due to the larger-than-life vocals from Alana Watson. And the video recognizes this and places her front-and-center for the majority of it. Dan and Joe are featured at times, doing what they do best on synthesizers and various analog devices.

Between II Worlds will be released August 8th. Pre-order your copy here.