Justin Bieber recently sat down with KIIS 102.7 for an exclusive interview about his upcoming album. In this interview he reveals that not only was “Where Are Ü Now” originally written by him on piano, and then overhauled by Jack Ü, but that Skrillex has also been involved in Bieber’s new album. Fresh from his performance at Ultra Music Festival with the super duo, Justin even incites hope for another JB x Jack Ü collab.

“Something you don’t know… the song was just me and piano. Skrillex just came in and did his stuff. Him and Diplo messed up the beat [laughs]. It was fun working with those guys, they’re very talented.”

When asked if Jack Ü would be featured on his upcoming album, Bieber said, “Possibly. I was just in the studio with Skrillex the other night. Diplo was working, but we’re going to be getting it back in.”


H/T Billboard