After promising a special “After Hours” mix on BBC Radio 1, ZHU has finally released the fourth music video of The Nightday EP.

“Cocaine Model” packs everything you love about ZHU, featuring a driving beat, sensual bass, and intoxicating vocals. A provocative monologue introduces the video before delving into the glamorous yet gruesome lifestyles of New York’s trendiest. Overall, the audiovisual experience is enough to warp you back to a late night Miami romp in 1984.

Filmed during New York Fashion Week, “Cocaine Model” features fashion staples like Shaun Ross, following a plenitude of models through their various experiences. Avant-garde and stylishly edited, “Cocaine Model” prompts a deeper look at the underlying force behind ZHU’s music.

Tacked onto the video’s end is a 40-second preview of brand new music which we can expect to air during his upcoming “After Hours” mix. Tickets for ZHU’s European shows are available here, and don’t forget, this Friday, ZHU will be making his BBC Radio 1 debut.


H/T Dancing Astronaut