Graduating from high school is a time for celebration, parties, gifts and more. And while some countries are rather traditional in the manner they celebrate this joyous occasion, Norway, on the other hand, decides to turn it up a notch. Russefeiring (more commonly called Russ) is Norway’s yearly tradition where thousands of high schoolers, from April 20 to May 17th, party every night and every day till they graduate.

If you thought that was good enough, we’re here to prove you wrong with the below after movie. The video shows off what took place on May 8th at Landstreff Stavanger, the annual event for the graduating high schoolers. This year’s lineup included none other than Norway’s very own Kygo, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, NERO, DVBBS and many more. Performing to an audience of 13,000, the 29 artists made sure these thousands of teenagers will remember┬áthis night for years to come. Enjoy.
Landstreff Stavanger | Facebook

[H/T]: Cody Smith